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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there anyone who doesn't use high pressure sales tactics?
Yes. We specialize in pairing investors with brokerage firms that allow you to make the decisions and don't employ high pressure tactics when it comes to trading.

I'm new to commodities and options. I want to learn enough to trade on my own without a broker. Where do I go?
We are unique in that we not only match investors with brokerage firms but we will teach you everything you need to know to trade without a broker, using discount trading desks or on-line services.

I know a bit about commodities and options, however, I want to further my education. Are there intermediate educational programs available?
Yes. We teach beginning, intermediate and advanced classes in commodities, futures and options trading.

I get tired of having to jump from web site to web site to get all of the market information that I need. I have to go from exchange to exchange, then to educational web sites and then to specialty web sites. Is there anyplace that has it all in one web site?
Yes! We offer a web site that contains all of the resources you need. We you join The Research Exchange we provide whatever on-line resources you need. How do we do this? We ask you to list the web sites and on-line services you use or need on our registration page. We then add them to your on-line traders page, so you have all of your on-line resources at your finger tips.
E-mail us with your questions at:

There is a risk of loss in commodities, futures and options trading