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A Message From Our Chairman

Welcome to THE RESEARCH EXCHANGE. I am a licensed commodities broker who got tired of firms that didn't care about their clients except when it came to commissions. So many time I spoke with people who didn't fully understand the trading of commodities and options. These people wanted to learn how to become better traders, but brokerage firms are in the business of making money. Education comes second. Even firms that advertise training programs are really only interested in making money. I made a decision to work with investors in a new way. I have created a company that has one objective and one objective only, to educate investors. We train people in how to become their own brokers. We will take a novice investor and teach them enough where they no longer need to pay a broker to execute trades for them. We also will help you find a brokerage firm should you need the services of one.

The RESEARCH EXCHANGE has grown so quickly that we've had to hire more employees over the last two months. However, unlike other fast growing companies, I personally oversee each and every trader that we train. When you work with us you speak to me on a regular basis. You have complete access to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do something else, something that others firms don't do:

Many times an investor will come to me after having lost all of their life savings investing with a disreputable firm. They are in such a bad way that usually they're close to filing bankruptcy. I access the case and (80% of the time) step in and help them straighten out what's left of their investment portfolio free of charge. However, you have to meet our requirements for this pro bono service.

The point I'm making here is that we stand behind our love of the markets by doing everything we can to help both the first time and experienced investor.
I invite you to read some of our books and listen to some of our tapes. We teach a common sense approach to trading that, in my opinion, will always give you the best chance of success in these often fast paced and volatile markets. I invite you to e-mail me. I answer each and every e-mail myself. Feel free to call THE RESEARCH EXCHANGE.

Happy Trading

Hugh Thomas Patterson CEO, The Research Exchange

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