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Personal Seminars
One On One Seminars Weekend Crash Course We either come to you, or we invite you to Ventura California, a sunny beach town twenty five miles from Santa Barbara for a weekend of study. The weekend is spent first, going over how much you know about the markets followed by an examination of your portfolio. We then get down to the crash course. Our staff will identify where you need help and where you don't. Then we'll start teaching you one on one. By the time you finish your weekend, you'll be ready to do battle on field of finance. Each personal seminar is custom tailored to the individual so call or e-mail us for further information. Prices start at $750.00 per weekend depending on your location

Make all Checks and Money Orders out to: The Research Exchange: P.O. Box 2983 Ventura CA 93002

There is a risk of loss in commodities, futures and options trading