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The Research Exchange Newsletter
The Research Exchange Newsletter
The Research Exchange Newsletter We offer a weekly newsletter for both the novice and experienced trader alike. Our newsletter offers lessons on commodities, futures and options trading as well as informative trading strategies. We also break down individual commodities and futures, giving you the fundamentals of each. If you're new to the markets, you'll find the Research Exchange Newsletter a valuable resource for your trading library. Here's what readers of our trial issue have to say about the newsletter:

"I'm new to the commodities markets and most of the newsletters and magazines I've purchased have been difficult to understand. You make it so much easier to comprehend with your great analogies. Keep them coming." Joe Hendrickson, San Antonio

" I've been trading for a number of years and I thought I knew most of the tricks. You folks showed me that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I look forward to my subscription." Bobby Farley, New York

"As a professional teacher in the securities industry, I look for publications I can recommend to my students. I highly recommend yours." Anthony de Cico, New York

You can subscribe to The Research Exchange Newsletter, at these special prices: Subscribe this month and we'll give you a discount rate and pay the sales tax! One Year: Regularly $413.40 Now 40% Off! You pay $248.04 One Month Trial: $31.80 Now 10% Off! You pay $28.62 Single Issue: $7.95 and we'll pay the sales tax

Make all Checks or Money Orders out to: The Research Exchange: P.O. Box 2983 Ventura CA 93002

There is a risk of loss in commodities, futures and options trading